ASINGELINE, an enacted thought

Initially created and commissioned by de Singel theater in Antwerp Belgium, ASINGELINE, an enacted thought, opened the season of MAMAZA as associated artists in september 2011. In times where lines, especially red ones, are read as highly charged politically- lines meant to divide and separate, Asingeline is there to connect, almost literally, the public with its art / culture. It is a straight line drawn from one point which is the city center all the way to a second point which is a cultural center building: a theater, a museum or other. Drawing a line between the daily urban space and the representative space of their art – the theater, their intention is to connect, almost literally, the public – society, and their art – choreography and performance.
The line is neither a performance, nor an installation, in its essence it is a thought put into action, driving MAMAZA and the local team who collaborates with them on the project, to cross the city through its public spaces – squares, streets, parks – and its private ones – domestic houses, shops, restaurants - in order to accomplish the drawing the line. One can imagine then the constant communication and negotiations with the local inhabitants (shop owners, landlords and so forth) in order to enter their spaces, put the red line on the floor, document it (through still images and video) and then take it off.
The line doesn't remain there. It is ephemeral in character, it keeps on disappearing. Nevertheless, its presence is felt through the necessity of having to draw it throughout the city and the memory and thoughts it leaves in people's mind.
Asingeline is about following a direction, heading towards a common aim and collaboratively joining forces to accomplish it. Its straightness is complex, although its apparent result should be a totally straight direct line, it forces the creative team to go through walls, fences, obstacles, discussions and interactions of all different kinds.
After its initial realization of ASINGELINE in Antwerp Belgium in 2011, MAMAZA has been invited by the Goethe Institute to realize the project in Ouagadougou Burkina Faso, Johannesburg South Africa and Lagos Nigeria in august 2013. MAMAZA wishes to continue the tracing of the line wherever such a line could seem helpful and able to trigger people to re-think a line's purpose and meaning.


Concept and realization: Ioannis Mandafounis, Fabrice Mazliah, May Zarhy - MAMAZA
Realization of ASINGELINE in Haifa Israel, Frankfurt Germany, Abidjan Cote d`Ivoire, Kampala Uganda and Nairobi Kenya:
Fabrice Mazliah, May Zarhy, Ilan Kav
Vincent Wilms, Andy Giebens , Rob Fordeyn, François d’Assise Ouédraogo, Humphrey Maleka, Jeremiah Ikongio, Claudio Artieda, Yaniv Linton, Alex Large, Licia Perna
Video Editing:
Shira Arad
Aditional editing:
Claudio Artieda
Director of editing:
May Zarhy

Local collaborators: in Ouagadougou Burkina Faso: Paul Souleymane Kaboré, Charlemagne Kaboré, Roger Nikiéma, Abdoul Aziz Zoundi;
in Johannesburg South Africa: Sello Pesa, Brian Mtembu;
in Lagos Nigeria: Jude Anogwyh, Adedayo Liadi, Omotayo Bello, Sunday Israel, Paul James;
in Lausanne Switzerland: Anne-Lise Tacheron;
in Israel: Ilan Kav, Danielle Parsay;
in Maputo Mozambique: Félix Mambucho, Jorge Capetine, Panaibra Gabriel Canda
in Venice Italy: Roberta Mosca, Annalisa Grisi

Production manager:
Mélanie Fréguin, Johanna Milz
Cie Projet 11, deSingel International arts campus Antwerp Belgium, MAMAZA
Initiator of ASINGELINE an enacted thought made visible (exposition, May 2014):
Petach Tikva museum of Art, Israel

ASINGELINE an enacted thought is supported by
Goethe-Institut, The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, The Migros Culture Percentage, The City of Geneva, The Republic and State of Geneva, HAU Hebbel am Ufer Germany