This piece is the second collaboration of May Zarhy - choreographer and dancer - and Michal Oppenheim - musician and vocal artist. This time they grouped together a female ensemble of dancers and singers and together they explore the possible space between the media of dance and music, between the materiality of movement and that of the voice.
Meditating on pre-language, this work focuses on the physicality of the torso and the internal organs, rather than the limbs, which are more related to the signification of letters and recognizable imagery (as seen in Dalcroze eurhythmics technique). The search is for that which can be felt rather than identified, defined and stored in an image vocabulary. In the piece, the cavity of the torso becomes the instrument for movement, as well as the sounding box for the human voice. These two functions get intertwined, sometimes working in a synchronized way, at other times they coexist and contradict.
The result is an alternative choir, which is not limited to singing only, but one that choreographs itself between the realms of voice, body and vibration, creating a third object, which is neither dance nor music, and at the same time is both. It is an synesthetic ritual thriving on the mutual presence of the performers and the spectators and their ancient embodied knowledge of the primary need for song and dance.

Concept & Choreography: May Zarhy
Music: Michal Oppenheim
Created with: Noam Ahdut, Yuli Kovbasnian, Alma Livne, Michal Oppenheim, Zohar Shafir
Light: Yoav Barel
Costumes: Anat Martkovich

Production: May Zarhy

Supported by:
Mifal Hapais
The Arts department, Culture sector, at the Tel Aviv Municipality and the Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, Tel Aviv Diver Festival Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, Tel Aviv
The Center For Contemporary Art
Residency at the FEST'FACTORY Bat Yam Artists Compound
Residency at Kelim 2017-18
“Tights” residency
Sadnaot Habama, Stage Center

Special thanks to Sergio Edelsztein.